The list of Thesis Supervisors - AY 2021/22:


Diploma Cards-January 2021 - AY 2021/22:

Diploma Card_2022 (pdf, 48,89 kB)

An editable version of the Diploma Card may be downloaded from the website. It should be completed and sent to the Thesis Supervisor (please keep the version editable).

The submitted Diploma Card is uploaded by the Thesis Supervisor to MS Teams, where the dean’s committee performs the procedure of approval of the proposed diploma thesis subjects. The status of the Diploma Card (approved/rejected for corrections) is visible only to the thesis supervisor, so the thesis supervisor should be contacted within the deadline and if the Diploma Card is not approved of, it should be corrected and sent to the thesis supervisor again.

Please follow the deadlines listed below regarding the procedure of submission of Diploma Cards.

  • By 17.01.2022 (Monday) – time to discuss the subject of the diploma thesis with the thesis supervisor and to send to the supervisor the editable version of the completed Diploma Card
  • Within 17.01.2022 – 31.01.2022 thesis supervisors upload Diploma Cards submitted by graduates to MS Teams,
  • 01.02.2022 – 14.02.2022 the dean’s committee for approval of diploma thesis subjects. The Status of the Diploma Card (approved/rejected for corrections) is visible to the thesis supervisor only. Please contact the thesis supervisor after 14.02.2022.
  • 15.02.2022 – 23.02.2022 – corrections of Diploma Cards, submission of corrected Diploma Cards to the thesis supervisor
  • 28.02.2022 (Monday) – final deadline for uploading Diploma Cards to MS Teams by the thesis supervisor

Important! Signatures of the graduate and the thesis supervisor are not required on the Diploma Card!

Diploma Cards, issued in January 2022 are valid  until November Diploma Session 2022. 

Consultations with at least three specialists are required while working on the diploma project documented by an entry in the Diploma Card. The selection of consultants is determined by thesis supervisor and requires his/her approval.  The graduate enrolls in the USOS system for consultants. Passing the consultation is confirmed by an entry in the USOS system.

 The registration via USOS system for consultations starts on the 14th of March (7 p.m.) and ends on the 17th of April (midnight).

The list of consultants is available in attached link:




information on trainings (msword, 29,00 kB)

Deadline in July and in September 2022 is basic for diploma work started in January 2022. On students’ request positively referenced by the promoter, in justified cases (through Usos system - Application for a correction date for the diploma session - no later than August 30), there is a possibility for thesis defense in November 2022, during additional session of diploma exams. 

The graduation proceedings in first-cycle (engineering) degree programmes at the Faculty of Architecture comply with the REGULATIONS on Engineering Diplomas, adopted by the Board of the WUT Faculty of Architecture:

DETAILED INFORMATION on engineering diploma proceedings

Editing guidelines for diploma theses:

4_2022_Zarządzenie ENG (2) (pdf, 106,99 kB)

Bsc thesis fiche:

BSc thesis fiche 2022 (pdf, 99,59 kB)

Questions for the defense of the thesis:

questions_engineering (pdf, 67,72 kB)
questions_history (pdf, 345,73 kB)
questions_technology (pdf, 235,89 kB)
questions_urban planning (pdf, 413,12 kB)