Resumption of Study

Resumption of study:

Pursuant to the Academic Regulations at the Warsaw University of Technology (Resolution of the WUT Senate no. 363/XLIX/2019 of 26/06/2019) resumption of study is possible for persons who:

  • have completed* the first year of study – resumption to first-cycle study;
  • have completed* the first semester of study – resumption to second-cycle study;
  • hold a medical certificate on no health contraindications to pursuing study;
  • have no outstanding financial or material liabilities towards the University.

* - pursuant to the Academic Regulations, passing a semester/year of study is equivalent to meeting all registration requirements, i.e., passing all obligatory courses allocated to the relevant semester/year of study and obtaining the relevant number of points (30/60).

Resumption of study is granted by the Rector, on the basis of the Dean’s opinion.

Study is resumed to the study programme valid at the moment of the resumption. The student may thus be required to make up for curriculum differences.

Study is resumed only for the semester directly following the semester from which the student was struck (except for resumption for the diploma).

Prior to the resumption, one is required to make up for any outstanding credits arising from failed courses and/or curriculum differences at least to the situation allowing registration for a subsequent semester. The requirements, deadlines and method of making up for unfulfilled requirements are determined by the Dean. Fees are payable for courses passed in this way. Upon the request of the person resuming study the Dean may consent to passing more courses than the minimum required for registration to a higher semester.

Therefore, the resumption procedure is as follows:

  1. Prior to the semester when the student was struck off the register of students, the student submits an application for resumption, including courses the student resuming the study wants to pass in the coming semester (at least those due to which the student was struck off the register).
  2. The Dean considers the applications, investigates the possibility of resumption and, if the resumption is possible, specifies the requirements, deadlines and methods of making up for unfulfilled requirements. A grade form is issued. Fees are charged for the specified courses, pursuant to the amounts determined by the Rector.
  3. Having passed the specified courses, one submits the grade form to the Dean’s Office within the deadline specified earlier.
  4. Having met all the requirements defined earlier (passing the specified courses within the specified time limit), study is resumed to the semester higher than the one when the student was struck off the register of students.

No more than two resumptions of study (including resumption for the diploma) by the same person shall be allowed and no more than three applications for resumption of study referred to in point 1 of the procedure description may be submitted.

The application for resumption of study may be submitted no later than 5 years after the decision on striking a student off the register of students has become final.

Deadlines of submission of applications for resumption of study:

until 25 January for the winter semester (for persons struck off the register of the summer semester – an even semester)

until 5 September for the summer semester (for persons struck off the register of the winter semester – an odd semester)

IMPORTANT! Applications for resumption of study for the summer semester of the academic year may be submitted no later than by 7 September 2020. Please send the documents to the email address of the relevant dean’s office.

Resumptions for the diploma:

Application for resumption in order to submit the diploma thesis – within the time limit of informing about readiness for the examination.

In order to take the diploma examination, study is resumed for the time needed to prepare and conduct the diploma examination, after the diploma thesis has been submitted.

IMPORTANT: if a person wishing to resume study pursued a field of study which is not offered any more, even if all courses in the programme have been passed, one should apply within the deadline applicable to resumptions for the summer semester, which will give a sufficient amount of time to make up for curriculum differences.

Example: a student was struck off semester 5 (winter semester) due to failure to pass an obligatory course with over one year’s delay and lack of 10 ECTS points. In order to resume study in the higher (6th) semester, the student should submit the application in September so that during the winter semester the student may make up for the outstanding courses because of which the student was struck off the register – at least the mentioned obligatory course and courses which will allow to collect the missing points. The person applying for resumption may apply for a larger number of courses. Having paid the fees, completed the outstanding courses and finished the semester, the student resumes the 6th semester of study.