Information on Diploma Thesis and Defense

Thesis diploma project is the final project of the Architecture for Society of Knowledge studies. It is done under the supervision of chosen promoter and is subject to specific regulations.

The list of potential promoters is here:

The choice of promoter is free, however you have to talk to the potential supervisor in advance, since there are limits of students for each teacher (shown in brackets on the provided list).

The process starts with filling  ASK Diploma Card (Please remember to indicate Thesis Project topic relevance to the ASK course).  It should be completed and sent to the Thesis Supervisor (please keep the version editable).

The submitted Diploma Card is uploaded by the Thesis Supervisor to MS Teams, where the Dean’s committee performs the procedure of approval of the proposed diploma thesis subjects. The status of the Diploma Card (approved/rejected for corrections) is visible only to the thesis supervisor, so the thesis supervisor should be contacted within the deadline and if the Diploma Card is not approved of, it should be corrected and sent to the thesis supervisor again.

ASK thesis 2023_24 (pdf, 58,65 kB)

Please follow the deadlines listed below regarding the procedure of submission of Diploma Cards.

21.12.20223 - an editable version of the Diploma Card is published on the website

By 15.01.2024 (Monday) – time to discuss the subject of the diploma thesis with the thesis supervisor and to send to the supervisor the editable version of the completed Diploma Card

By 29.01.2024 thesis supervisors upload Diploma Cards submitted by graduates to MS Teams,

By 19.02.2024 the dean’s committee for approval of diploma thesis subjects. The Status of the Diploma Card (approved/rejected for corrections) is visible to the thesis supervisor only. Please contact the thesis supervisor after 19.02.2024.

By 26.02.2024 – corrections of Diploma Cards, submission of corrected Diploma Cards to the thesis supervisor

By 29.02.2024 - thesis supervisors upload corrected Diploma Cards to Ms Teams (the deadline)

Important! Signatures of the students and the Supervisor are not required on the Diploma Card!

ASK Diploma Cards, issued in January 2024 are valid  until March 2025.  Students, who wish to extend the ability to defend diploma are asked to prepare a new diploma card in December/January 2024. It is possible to change thesis title and/or promoter then. Please note, that Supervisor may reject to sign repeated diploma card if she/he is not satisfied with previous cooperation. Delivering new diploma card is equivalent to a declaration of repeating DS4 and yields relevant payment (390 PLN).

Consultations with at least three specialists are required while working on the diploma project. The selection of consultants is determined by thesis supervisor and requires his/her approval.

  1. Students who at the beginning of the semester declared the course Interdisciplinary Seminar may register for diploma consultations through USOS.
  2. Those who are not students (were struck off) register for consultations also through USOS. In case of no access to registration please contact the Dean’s Office.
  3. Please remember that 3 consultations should take place with the staff of the Faculty of Architecture or WUT staff members listed on the consultants’ list. Consultations with persons from outside the Faculty of Architecture or WUT may be conducted but as an additional consultation, i.e. the fourth one.
  4. Consultations should start by 30 March (during the holidays consultants do not run consultations).
  5. IMPORTANT! The last consultation and entering the credit for consultations in USOS must take place at least 14 days before diploma submission (before the first upload to APD). If the deadline is not met, the diploma applicant will not be admitted to the defence.

Schedule of registration for consultations in the academic year 2023/2024

11.03.2024 from 19:00 - 18.03.2024 to 23:59

By 25.03.2024 consultants will publish information on the dates and form of diploma consultations.

By 30.03.2024 consultations should be started (all three)

By 15.07.2024 consultations should be finished (also in case of defence in September/October – during the holidays the consultations are not held)


Diploma consultations should not have the form of project classes or make-up courses. The student is obliged to present the issue, problem for consultation. The consultant shall give relevant information, refer to literature, point to advantages and disadvantages of the project proposal etc. The total time of consultation meetings for one diploma applicant should not exceed 15 minutes, which is equivalent to 1 class hour. The number of consultations meetings should not exceed for example 3x15. After the last meeting, credit for consultations should be entered in the USOS system. In justified situations, the thesis supervisor should be contacted.

Consultations may not be held during the holidays of staff members; therefore, it is important to start and finish them as soon as possible.

The list of consultants is available in attached link:

Deadline in June and in September 2024 is basic for diploma work started in January 2024. On student's request positively referenced by the promoter, in justified cases , there is a possibility for thesis defense in November 2024, during additional session of diploma exams. In such case application for extension of the deadline of submission of the diploma thesis by 3 months should be submitted through USOS no later than September 28. The dean can approve only applications of students who completed all the courses within the study programme.

2024 June Eng MSC (pdf, 386,50 kB)

Specific dates to be found in Google calendar or on the website:

Students restoring studies for defense submit at the Dean's Office a resumption form (it must be original document with the student's signature)-the application should be delivered to the Dean's Office when the students report to the dean’s office their readiness to put up the diploma:

resumption form_PL_ANG (vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document, 46,82 kB)

All students are required to supply diploma (all materials in electronic form) using Diploma Archive System (APD)

Instruction how to use the system can be found here. 

More information on diploma procedure available below:

Editing guidelines for diploma theses:

ask fiche 2024 (pdf, 107,94 kB)


Public defense lasts 1,5 hour (including exam) and consists of: authors’ presentation of diploma project (on the theoretical issues background) – max 20 minutes, presentation of reviewer's opinion – max 15 minutes, commission members questions to student concerning diploma, students answers to reviewer's opinion and commision questions – max 15 minutes, discussion. Immediately after defense diploma exam starts. The exam is closed to the public. During the exam, student answers 4 questions of 5 (one which will be not answered is up to student’s choice) included in drawn set encompassing ASK study program. Time to answer: 12 to 15 minutes.
The exam is graded by commission according to Faculty regulations. The diploma project is graded by the commission on the basis of promoter and reviewer opinions.
The final grade of studies is established as:
0,6 weighted average of all study grades + 0,3 grade of diploma work + 0,1 grade of diploma exam
The weighted average of study grades is calculated using ECTS points as weights.
Final grade of studies is determined according to following scale: excellent (4,70 and up); very good (4,30 – 4,69); good (3,90 – 4,29); fairly good (3,50 – 3,89); satisfactory (do 3,49)

ASK final diploma questions:

The diploma will be ready for collection (within 30 days from the date of graduation) from the Students Register Department (room 114 at the main building of WUT-Pl. Politechniki 1) provided an e-clearance in USOSweb has been successful. The e-clearance is issued by the Dean’s Office on completion of the diploma exam session. Information that the diploma is ready for collection will be visible after logging in to Usosweb.

In case the graduate authorizes another person to collect the graduation documents for him/her the authorized person has to present at the Registry Office the particular power of attorney signed by the graduate and the person’s ID document (passport, national ID document).

POWER OF ATTORNEY (vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document, 25,38 kB)