Information on the validity of student IDs

Student ID Cards (not extended due to the COVID 19 pandemic) will expire on October 14, 2021

In connection with the entry into force on August 15, 2021 of the regulation of MEiN  of August 10,

2021 repealing the regulation on the temporary limitation of the functioning of certain entities of the

higher education and science in connection with preventing, counteracting and combating COVID 19,

the standard rules for the functioning of the University are restored, which  means that Student ID

Cards (not extended due to the COVID 19 pandemic) will expire on October 14, 2021.


The extension of the Student ID Cards will be carried out by the Dean’s Office after October 1, 2021:

semester 5 and 7 - 07.10.21 (Thursday)

semester 3 - 08.10.21 (Friday)

The condition for extending the Student ID Card is the registration for the next semester and no financial arrears with the University.