Erasmus+ Programme / Incoming Students

Welcome to our Faculty!
We cordially invite exchange students to study in English at the Faculty of Architecture.


Students who have been qualified to participate in Erasmus+ program by their Home Universities should be officially nominated for an exchange period by email sending at

Nomination (2) (vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet, 9,60 kB)


All nominated students must apply via online system: IRK

Learning Agreement for Studies (1) (vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document, 88,01 kB)

Deadlines for Nomination:

Fall (1st) semester / whole academic year: Aprli 30th

Spring (2nd) semester: October 31st

Deadlines for Application:

Fall (1st) semester/ whole academic year: May 6-June 7

Spring (2nd) semester: November 2-30

Study programmes (language of instruction English B2): 

IDEAS -  Bachelor Degree in Architecture (courses marked in black are not available to exchange students): 

IDEAS study plan Erasmus (pdf, 529,32 kB)

ASK - Master Degree in Architecture:   

ASK study plan 2020 (pdf, 90,27 kB)

The detailed course description:

 Please, note that due to our administrative procedures – students from abroad (studying at our Faculty within „Erasmus +”  programme) are not allowed to consult and/or defend their final project/thesis at our Faculty.

Schedule of the classes: (please note: in order to avoid collisions in the schedule we recommend choosing the courses from the same semester):

Summer semester 2023/24:

EXHIBITION SCHEDULE_22_03 (pdf, 149,21 kB)

Winter semester 2024/25:

Academic calendar:

Winter semester starts at the beginning of October and runs until the end of January. All exams in the Winter session will be taken in February, in a first half of the month.

Spring semester starts in February after Winter exams’ session and runs until the middle of June. The Spring semester exams must be completed until the end of June.


Physical Education courses:

Foreign language courses: 

Our exchange students my choose Polish or English language for 2 or 4 ects:

All important information for incoming students can be found here:


Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture

55 Koszykowa Str.

00-659 Warsaw

International Exchange Coordinator at the Faculty of Architecture: 

Anna Cudny, Ph. D. (Arch); e-mail:

Erasmus Administrative Officer at the Faculty of Architecture:

Katarzyna Mitroszewska; e-mail: 

tel. +48 22 234 5206; room 20